America's Wool Lab

We're big believers in independence and industry. We started Wasatch Wool Labs to provide critical testing for commercial wool sale that hasn't been available in the U.S. for several years.

We are the only ISO Certified Commercial Wool Testing Facility in the U.S.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Providing accurate and consistent test results is at the heart of Wasatch Wool Labs. In an effort to achieve this we went through the rigorous ISO 17025 certification process. This certification is specific to highly technical laboratories. In addition to having written processes for everything we do, we regularly compare our test results with other certified wool labs.

We Design and Build Our Own Machines

With a talented team of engineers and expertise in automation, we custom built all of our testing machines. By designing and building everything ourselves, we are able to reduce testing times, ensure accurate results, increase testing capacity and save money. As we continue this approach, we expect our labor costs and the costs of our tests to decline over time.

Who We Are

Wasatch Wool Laboratories is a privately funded partnership between GRIP6 Manufacturing, a Salt Lake City based wool sock manufacturer and Albert Wilde, a 6th generation Utah sheep rancher from Wild Valley Farms