Wasatch Wool Laboratories is a privately funded partnership between GRIP6 Manufacturing, a Salt Lake City based wool sock manufacturer and Albert Wilde, a 6th generation Utah sheep rancher from Wild Valley Farms.
When Colorado's Yocom-Mcoll Testing Laboratories closed its doors in 2019, wool testing in the U.S. stopped. All domestic testing had to be sent overseas.
As big believers in domestic independence and industry, we saw an opportunity to blend a team of talented GRIP6 engineers along with Albert's sheep industry knowledge and build a state of the art fiber testing facility to serve the U.S. sheep and alpaca growers. With expertise in manufacturing and automation, we intentionally started from scratch to carefully optimize and custom design each process with state of the art equipment. It's a lot of work, but will result in an accurate, automated and efficient lab.
We began investing in the necessary testing equipment in late 2020 and started prototype testing wool samples in early 2021. We are actively working toward ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory certification and expect completion in October 2021. We are currently working on inter-laboratory comparisons through our accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025 under ANAB.
We currently offer Wool Yield Testing (IWTO-19) and Fiber Diameter Testing (IWTO-47). We can do Fiber Diameter Testing for a variety of fibers including wool and alpaca.
Feel free to stop by our lab for a tour! Come see our equipment, testing procedures and technology as we strive to become the most automated, accurate and efficient fiber testing laboratory in the world!